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Welcome to OrganicKids Academy

Preschool Teacher and Students
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Why Families Choose Us:

     Organickids Academy was founded in 2019. We are a team of passionate and experienced educational specialists who have developed a comprehensive early childhood education center. At Organickids we  believe early childhood is the most formative period of their life. At our academy we provide high-quality childcare education that will allow your child to flourish and grow. We are aware that diet is a crucial factor in early childhood development. Therefore, our center provides access to Organic/Natural Kosher nutritious meals along with an atmosphere that celebrates health and nutrition in ways that will serve the children for a lifetime.

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We Also Offer


Reading and Literacy

Improving School Readiness: Our school employs a comprehensive strategy to enhence children reading skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for academic challenges.

Outdoor and Indoor Gym

We don't only build brain power but also strong bodies

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 6pm 

    Sat: Closed

    Sun: Closed

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About Us

Our Mission

At OrganicKids Academy we believe that children are our future. Our mission is to provide safe high quality childcare and a healthy environment for children six weeks to five years of age.

            We strive on providing an atmosphere where every precaution is taken for the well being and comfort of our children, as well as parents and our staff. This creates a comfortable setting everyone can look forward to everyday.

Children will be encouraged to explore their creativity and education while eating healthy Organic/Natural Kosher nutritious meals.

OrganicKids Academy focuses on each child and their ability to stimulate

social, cognitive, physical and emotional growth.

We provide opportunities for families to be involved in with their child's education and have access to parenting support and education.

Our goal is to provide a nourishing, fun, educational environment to all children in which they may continue to develop their sense of speech, movement, social interaction and expand their personality.

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97-45 63rd Drive Rego Park New York 11374


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