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Young Ballerinas

Ballet / Dance

  • Ballet classes introduce your dancer to a world of new words: stretch, bend, wiggle, scoop, twist.  In your toddlers’ first ballet class, your child will sit on the floor and their teacher will have your child start out by pointing to various body parts—from their toes and heels to their heart and tummy.

  • Our ballet class is a safe space for your little ones to be themselves and be praised for their accomplishments. Our instructors will save time at the end of classes for “talent shows,” in which dancers will perform ballet skills one at a time. At the end of each performance, the instructor and other students will applaud and offer much-deserved praise. 

  • Ballet boosts coordination and balance in our little ballerinas and ballerinos

  • Ballet classes help little ones learn to follow directions. They are constantly having to listen in class and do the steps or combinations the teacher instructs them to do.

  • Your little ballerinas will grow stronger and more flexible through dance classes, but they will also grow more creative.

  • Ballet creates a unique outlet for your dancer to translate their emotions, thoughts, and ideas into powerful movements.

  • It will provide the support and tools necessary for optimal growth.

Ballet / Dance: Programs
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