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Kids in Preschool


3-4 Year Olds

Preschoolers are on their way to school and this is the time when they start learning the essentials, particularly math, science and literacy. All of these fundamentals are being taught through hands on activities, experiments and trial and error play activities

Preschool 3-4 Year Olds: Programs

Preschool Daily Activities

Your preschooler is in the stage where they are developing the basic life skills, independence, and knowledge that they will need as they enter their school years. Through lots of support  and encouragement from our professional teachers, children will be learning and engaging in: 

  • Early Math 

  • Science Experiments

  • Logic and reasoning

  • Responsive listening

  • Literacy

  • Create Art Work

  • Physical Exercise in Our Indoor Gym and Outdoor Playground

Preschool 3-4 Year Olds: Accessibility Policy

Preschool Curriculum

Image by Crissy Jarvis

Early Math

Our preschoolers are engaging in math activities throughout various daily routines. Your will be engaging in the following math skills:

  • Understanding size, shape, and patterns

  • Ability to count verbally (first forward, then backward)

  • Recognizing numerals

  • Identifying more and less of a quantity

  • Understanding one-to-one correspondence (i.e., matching sets, or knowing which group has four and which has five)

  • Measurements and patterns

Fun and easy science.5 years old Asian g

Science Experiments

Science exploration provides children with an opportunity to develop variety of skills across all areas of development including scientific investigation skills:

  • Observing

  • Asking questions

  • Predicting

  • Describing

  • Using tools


Logic and Reasoning

Our preschoolers curiosity and thinking skills will be challenged throughout the day by our expert teachers. Children will be asked open ended questions all day allowing them to come up with cause and effect relationships on their own. Children will, classify objects, measure sizes, create, observe similarities and differences between objects and compare quantities.

Preschool 3-4 Year Olds: Our Team
Preschool Class

Responsive Listening

Our teachers are trained to engage in effective listening and respond to children appropriately to encourage young minds to think outside the box. Children in return are also taught to listen to peers as well as as adults and answer simple questions effectively.



Our preschoolers get ready for school by reading everyday, identifying rhyming words and practicing their writing skills. By this stage they will know all their letters and will identify the words of objects that are written all over their classroom.

Kids Painting

Create Art Work

Art explores children's creativity. Children are encouraged to create art using our craft tools while strengthening their fine motor skills and their imagination.

Preschool 3-4 Year Olds: Our Team
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