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Little kids playing toys at learning cen

12-24 months

At this age your child is starting to talk, and engage in parallel play with other children.

Organickids Academy focuses on empowering kids to imagine, explore, create and play.

Our curriculum is based on:

Social and cognitive skill development

Stimulating environment

Hands on learning activities

Toddlers 13-24 months: Programs

Toddlers Daily  Activities

Cognitive skills in toddlers can be empowered through an assortment of play exercises that work on problem-solving and pre-academic concepts.

  •   Unstructured Toddler Cognitive Activities: Throughout the day as children are playing, colors of their clothing and colors of objects around them will be labeled. As they are washing their hands, labeling body parts in front of the mirror will be encouraged.

  • Structured Toddler Cognitive Activities: Teaching independent play by demonstrating to the child how to do these activities and then pull back the help as they start to figure it out. Engaging the toddler in matching games as well as following simple directions during follow the leader activities.

  • Singing: Reciting child friendly poems and singing nursery rhymes helps your little one to memorize more words and increase their pronunciation skills.

  • Promoting Early Literacy Skills: Reading to our little toddlers daily, so they can be exposed to new words. Toddlers will start pointing and labeling pictures as well as learn how to describe pictures.

  • Cognitive Toys for 2 Year Olds: Our little ones will be exposed to puzzles, blocks, library center, sand and water center and a pretend play center.

-The puzzles will challenge their little minds and work on their fine motor skills.

- Blocks will allow children to use problem-solving skills and creativity during playtime.

-The library center will allow children to look back at books independently while learning how to flip pages and identify pictures.

-Sand and water center will allow children to explore their sensory skills.

-Pretend play center will engage children’s imagination allowing them to use creativity and practice

Toddlers 13-24 months: Accessibility Policy
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